As a celebrity business manager for over 20 years and mother of two, I've spent my life advising women of all ages on everything from career moves, tax law, investments, marriage, divorce, red carpet dresses, costume choices, and everything in between and that is in no particular order. Yet while I may have the mind of an analyst, my heart has always been in fashion and design and I am unapologetically the woman who shows up to a board meeting dressed in a pink satin skirt.


Vintage jewelry and antiques have always had a special place in my heart and in my home. From a very young age, though my family had little extra money to spend on luxuries, I appreciated fine things, even if from a distance. When a wealthier friend gave me a hand-me-down, I cherished it. When I visited my grandmother Florence and her meticulously organized costume jewelry collection, I felt like a queen. It was these women who inspired me to succeed so that I too could one day have my own beautiful wardrobe, house of antiques, and boxes of jewels, all of which I would treat with the greatest care and respect. To me, these items will always be pieces of art.


Since the beginning of my career, I’ve been acquiring pieces one at a time. Each one speaks to me on a deep level and ranges from the roaring 20’s to the bustling 90’s with a few exceptional new pieces. I’d now like to share them with you. In 2014, I began designing my own vintage-inspired collection of pieces that will always be in season, no matter the era. As a Virgo whose life has been supported, propelled, and enriched by women, I identify strongly with the divine feminine and it filters into everything I create. In my work you will find Renaissance angels, gold cuffs reminiscent of the Amazons, ultra-feminine Audrey Hepburn-style bows, and pieces that reflect both the flexibility and durability of a strong woman.


With gratitude to all of you,

Welcome to Stazia Loren!

   Stacy Lauren Smith